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Front Room Art Trail 2014 was another resounding success! We've only just started to recover! Pretty soon it'll be time for the next one and we really do need some new people. So if you want the Art Trail to keep happening in 2015 and beyond, get in touch at enquiries@frontroom.org.uk and volunteer. The trail needs new Committee Members and a new Chair. The current Committee has been doing this for 4 years and the trail needs some new blood! It's your trail - if you don't take part, it won't happen!



Tips for Visitors

Welcome to Totterdown and the Front Room Art Trail 2014! We hope you enjoy your visit to us and enjoy seeing all the creative things we do. However please remember you are coming into our homes so act accordingly!

MAPS of the Trail are available at every venue so you can pick one up when you arrive. All venues are marked by orange flags with ducks, so look out for them! Also, there are a few venues that didn't make it onto the map, so keep your eyes peeled or you might miss something!

Please travel to us by public transport if at all possible. Totterdown streets are very narrow and you will not be able to find parking in them. Also remember there will be many pedestrians about, much more than usual! If you can, please leave your car at home.

Most people will easily be able to get around the whole trail on foot.

As well as the artists' houses, there are many other things happening. Details of all the events are on the printed map and are also available on our Events page.

If you have any comments, please let us know by email, facebook or twitter! (Links below)

Have lots and lots of fun and we wish everyone a great Art Trail 2014!


This year's map is available here if you want it in PDF - but printed maps available at all venues!

PRINT YOUR OWN POSTER - download here 





The Banana Boat... Frank Smith... Jim Tigwell... The Oxford's Jon and Angie... Mark Bailey... The Melting Pot's Matt Norris... Micky Kelly... Patco... Ros Ford... Pete Maginnis... Suzanne Audrey... Carolyn Jones... Tim Owen... Hannah Condry... Richard Jones... Pam Hodder... Gael Allen... Mr & Mrs Bond (Bond Newsagents)... Mad Ernie...  and James Stafford Little...



>> No entry criteria for art - if you think it's art, we're happy!

>> Registration fee PER ARTIST is £21 - this pays for your slot on this site and on the printed map

>> Trail area same as ever - from St John's Lane to Clyde Road, from Bushy Park to Arnos Vale

>> If you are from outside this you're welcome to take part but you need to find your own space within our area!

>> Venues - if you have space available please register your venue and your details

>> You don't need to register your venue if it's your own house and you're not looking for any other artists to join you

>> If you have any questions please get in touch at enquiries@frontroom.org.uk


The Front Room Team

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