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Nominate your local heroes to win one of 20 prestigious Orange Quaque Awards! People, pets, shops, businesses, organisations, past and present. All nominations considered. 


Also vote for a famous Bristol personality like Isambard Kingdom Brunel (note the heroic stance in the picture oposite) or a not so famous one like Thomas Danby by going here.

Nominations so far...

The Banana Boat... Frank Smith... Jim Tigwell... The Oxford's Jon and Angie... Mark Bailey... The Melting Pot's Matt Norris... Micky Kelly... Patco... Ros Ford... Pete Maginnis... Suzanne Audrey... Carolyn Jones... Taidghe Shea... Tim Owen... Jo Fisher... Hannah Condry... Richard Jones...



In honour of all the heroes that the two world wars created, at home and abroad, we are putting together an exhibition of photos and stories which will be displayed at the New Found Out pub and we need your help! Please send your photos plus a description of up to 400 characters to wartimetotterdown@hotmail.com. Thanks!



REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED and the map is going to print!

Our theme this year is HEROES and our dates are NOVEMBER 14TH, 15TH AND 16TH 2014. Times: Friday tbc; Sat/Sun 12-6pm.

All details are available on the ABOUT page but some quick notes:

>> No entry criteria for art - if you think it's art, we're happy!

>> Registration fee PER ARTIST is £21 - this pays for your slot on this site and on the printed map

>> Trail area same as ever - from St John's Lane to Clyde Road, from Bushy Park to Arnos Vale

>> If you are from outside this you're welcome to take part but you need to find your own space within our area!

>> Venues - if you have space available please register your venue and your details

>> You don't need to register your venue if it's your own house and you're not looking for any other artists to join you

>> If you have any questions please get in touch at enquiries@frontroom.org.uk


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